1. Chinese
I think I'm not doing so well and I want to go back down to my old teacher who spoke English a lot but this teacher doesn't speak much at all. MNN5.4 is to hard for me I think. And I usually get less than 50% on my test and dictation so you could see it is to hard for me MNN5.4.

I like art because I enjoy coloring and modeling with clay. I also like building and painting. I think I am doing a pretty good at it because if I make a mistake I could always make it look the way I want to make it look.

3. Music
I enjoy playing music because playing the Cello. And in "music" room she lets us do Music Ace 2. Have a bit of trouble with playing the xylophone because I can't remember what the keys are. And are very complicated.

I love P.E. it is my favorite subject because I like the Gymnastics, Kickball, Floor Hockey, Swimming, Project Adventure, and etc etc etc. My favorite subject is Snowball Wars. I also like P.E. Because they are all very fun activities.

5. Counseling
I like counseling because there is always something interesting like for example, left brain and right brain. But the thing I don't find interesting is that I loose my interest and it becomes very boring,

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