Look back through journal pages 2-28.What activity or lesson did you enjoy most in this unit and what did you learn from it?
I learnt that it could helped you count big numbers.
Explain how making an array might help someone find factors of a number.
You could turn the array into a grid and then list the factors in the boxes below.
describe what you liked about playing the game Factor Captor.
The thing that I liked about factor captor is that after you got used to it. it was really easy because there were a lot of little tricks.The one that I used most was when I put a counter on the biggest prime number.

5th grade reading

The thing that I learned most about reading is that in 5th grade you have to read chapter books with no color in them and very few pictures in them. Which is why I hate reading in 5th grade even though reading is my favorite subject. Even though I hate reading its still my favorite subject because math is so boring and writing takes a long time.